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Creating Background Tiles and the Fire Angel

The Fire Angel.

While creating the tile to be used to create the background for our logo above, we accidentally created what we call the Fire Angel:-

Fire Angel Picture picture, and Fire Angel Tile tile.

Interestingly, when the image is tiled it reveals an additional Halloween type face.

The tile image was created to partially soften the horizontal join of a tiled page.

To understand how this image was created a basic idea of how we make a tile is needed.

Creating a (background) tile.

Using WhimPro, this is how we create a tile:-
  • From a suitable image extract (crop) a small portion of it. This is to be used as a quarter of the tile. Select a portion which is not identifiable as anything.
  • Save the extracted image in a loss less format (.bmp or .png)
  • Create a new canvas and enlarge its size. For flexibility make it quite large.
  • On the canvas, Paste the above created image four times.
  • Arrange the images so that the four images touch (join) at the edges and form a larger rectangular image. Two above and two below. This relationship must be maintained.
  • Specify that the right-top image be reversed. This will result in the leftmost edge of this image being identical to the right hand edge of the left-top image. Also the two edges furthest apart will be the same thus allowing for seamless tiling.
  • Specify that the left-bottom image be flipped.
  • Specify that the right-bottom image be both reversed and flipped. This is the same as rotating the image 180 degrees.
  • Most often the above pasted image will need to be resized (distorted for effects). Do this but keep in mind that what you do for the top-left image you must also do for the other three. Remember to adjust their relative positions.
  • Crop to the resulting rectangular image and save your tile. This was how we created the background image for our web site. Ours is not a perfect tile but, in this case, it adds a certain quality - and it was created very quickly.

Creating the Fire Angle.

Because we did not have a suitable image of a fire to be used as the background of our logo we decided to make a tile from which we could create the background image.

As per the method above we extracted a portion of an image depicting a fire.

We needed to tile only horizontally (our logo is low and wide) so we pasted only two images (the upper two - reversing the right one).

Wow-Wee...... the result was our Fire Angle.

This was hair raising stuff - literally. At first I thought of this image as being sinister and named it the Fire Devil. When shown to others they thought of it as being an angel and female (naturally) - hence the name.

The only change we made to the image was to add our web address. In the tile image we also applied some fading to soften the horizontal join.

Copyright and Distribution

All images of the Fire Angel are copyrighted. Copyright (C) 2002 by Neville Webb. All rights reserved.

Permission is hereby granted to Use and/or Distribute the two images on this page on the following conditions:-

  • There must be no cost to the receiving person - monetary or otherwise.
  • The images may not be modified in any way.
  • The entire image must be shown or distributed.
  • When displayed, used or printed our web address must be legible.
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