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zass4u uses, what is for screen savers, a unique method to accomplish its tasks. Unlike other screen savers, program software is not included within the distributable screen savers. zass4u is a data driven screen saver. Programs are loaded once, as for most application software, and the screen saver material is distributed in compact zass4u (.zus) files.

zass4u is more than just a screen saver. It is made up of two almost identical systems. The first is the conventional screen saver. The second can be used as a demonstration program, a screen saver previewer or as a message reader.

Creating your .zus screen saver files.

Use the easy to use zass4u Builder program to create your files.

Create a .zus file using images, text or audio - or any combination of these.

At the moment the programs can handle:-

You have seven methods by which to present a frame and seven methods by which to exit a frame.

Audio can be attached to a frame or audio can be played in the background. Powerful and effective audio music and speech encoding (compression) software is included.

Should you want to edit images before inclusion into zass4u our freeware image editing program, WhimPro, can be downloaded.

On building, all the required text, image and audio data is bundled into a single file and then compressed - ready for distribution. The zass4u Builder program goes to great lengths to ensure that your screen saver (.zus) file is as small as possible.

What can zass4u be used for?

Your imagination is the limit.

What will you pay for it?

Nothing. It is free and will remain free unless we are unable to find a suitable sponsor to pay us for our efforts.

You will, however, be required to download a sponsor .zus file from time to time - these files will be very short. A sponsor frame will be displayed for a short period (+/- 1.5 seconds) at the start of displaying a screen saver and any repeat thereof. For very long screen savers these might be inserted within them.

This is why we need to get a suitable sponsor whose frames will be as unobtrusive as possible - for example a soft drink or confectionery picture.

zass4u. Why this name?

zass4u is short for "the(ZA) Screen Saver for(4) yoU". We used ZA because these are the designated international letters of the author's country.

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