Area Processing

the what-if image processing software that

allows you to change your mind.

Who will find this software useful?

The software was designed with webmasters in mind. It is now also very suitable for builders of zass4u screen-saver data files.

Anyone who wants a fast and easy way to create transparent (single colored) background images.

Webmasters or zass4u builders who want to reduce the size of .jpg images by saving them at a lower quality setting.

Anyone who wants or needs to modify digital images.

Shutterbugs will find the printing routines useful and powerful.


  • Unique technology makes this program the image processing/editing equivalent of the spread sheet
  • What-if technology allows you to amend what you have done without having to re-do everything - even over different sessions
  • This technology enables you to get your image processing tasks done quickly
  • Toggle rapidly between source and result image during each stage of your processing
  • Powerful and flexible routines to put text onto your image
  • Powerful and flexible routines to paste images onto your current image - especially flexible when the paste images have been prepared by this program
  • Rapidly specify and make the background a single (optionally unique) color - change the color to what-ever and when-ever you please. Specify your edges to be straight-edge, spray-edge or fading-edge. Use fading edges on an image destined for tiling so that repeats fuse seamlessly.
  • Rapidly test view your .jpg images at different output quality percentages.
  • Specify transparency for background or overall - including .PNG alpha channel
  • Flexible image printing
  • Can be used as an image viewer and color picker
  • Much of the above is achieved by the use of polygons and specific area processing.
  • And more ...

All images on our web pages were either
created or prepared using WhimPro

Use this software to create what we call "pseudo transparent background" images :-

Example of a Pseudo Transparent Image
(This is a .JPG image. At 80% quality it is 24029 bytes in size. Should you decide to change the background color of your page, our what-if technology makes it possible to change the background color of the image with only a few clicks.)

Get the quality you desire and at the same time
say goodbye to long download times.

Use this program to put text onto your images.

Example of a Text Image

You can:-

  • Use any of the fonts you have available on your computer.
  • Specify the size of the text from small to very large. The text can be reversed, flipped and rotated. Vertical text can also be produced.
  • Show text with or without a background color and you can display these with various degrees of transparency. The colors can be any of those available and not just the non-dithered colors available in Windows' font selector window.
  • Create text images just like those at the top of this page - our names.
  • Create rectangular blocks on an image. The colors can be solid to almost fully transparent. Use to block out parts of an image or to add spice to the image by overlaying transparent (filter-like) rectangles.
  • Overlap different text lines to create shadows and the like.

There are powerful and flexible functions for pasting images.

Example of Image Pasting

You can:-

  • Paste a number of images onto one page, overlapping them if required.
  • Specify the image and stretch it's size from small to very large. The image can be reversed, flipped and rotated. It can maintain its aspect ratio or it can be stretched one way or the other.
  • You can use or ignore the transparency information held within the paste file. You can also apply a blanket transparency to the image.
  • Create gallery images.
  • An image can be tiled from it's specified position to the right and bottom of the base image.
  • Use image pasting to create images suitable for tiling - such as this web page's background.

Use this program to print your images. Flexible processing and print formatting routines enables you to:-

  • Crop and size your image
  • Know exactly where your printer's software and hardware margins are
  • Place your image exactly on the page where you want it to be
  • Output images with white backgrounds to save on printer cartridge ink
  • Create images suitable for inclusion in documentation

All of the above will enable you to do rapid preparation of images for:-

  • zass4u
  • The Internet
  • Presentation Programs
  • Your Photo Album
  • HTML Help

What will it cost you to try and use WhimPro?

Nothing. It is freeware. Try it, it may save you a great deal of time and therefore money. We are confident that it will. So why not try it.

No support is provided for this product. Use at your own risk.

How we created the

Fire Angel Picture and link to Creating Tiles

Fire Angel by accident.

Area Processing

Photograph by Nigel Forshaw is of the Protea cynaroides, South Africa's national flower.
Photograph Copyright (C) Nigel Forshaw 2001. All rights reserved.