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Download zass4u software (version 1.1) from:-

Please note that you will need to run either the zass4u Builder or the zass4u Vet Viewer program to complete the installation. After doing this zass4u will be available as a screen-saver.

Please also Note! The following has now been disabled. Please also note that, after a trial period, there is a built in delay at the start of certain programs. Registration will remove this delay. See Registration for reasons.

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Screen Saver Downloads (.zus files)

We will include other .zus (SS) files when they become available. Please check back.

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Builder Examples For Download:-

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Sponsor File Download:-

**** ERROR! **** There is a program error in older versions of the application that prevents the proper installation of the sponsor file. See below for fix.

From time to time you will need to download and install a sponsor file. For security reasons we feel that you would prefer to control when your application access' the internet. Thus we implement this manually.

Please Note! You now only need to do this a final time.

You do this as follows:-

**** ERROR FIX! **** There is a program error that prevents the proper installation of the sponsor file. These errors occurred in April 2008. To fix this please download the new sponsor file (see above) and then download and replace the relevant program (zaSSI.exe) into the zass4u program directory on your computer. (Typically "C:\Program Files\zaSSSoft\zass4u" Many apologies for this error.

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